Why Simbabwe

Why Zimbabwe?

The country in the southern part of the African continent has to offer in addition to a decidedly large number of diverse wildlife, a beautiful green landscape and many natural wonders such as the Victoria Falls. Here you can experience a completely different and original Africa, green hills, high mountains, big rivers, wonderful lakes. In addition the ruins of a 1000 year old culture in Great Zimbabwe, Bulawayo in the south with its old colonial charm and Harare as a vibrant African city with many sights. Zimbabwe - once the breadbasket of Africa - has fallen on hard times. This has of course affected tourism, which has declined by almost 90% in the last 20 years. Do not miss Zimbabwe right now, you will still experience the natural charm and curiosity of the population and travel a country that is not yet tired of mass tourism and where you are eagerly awaited.

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